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Douglas Phillips Retrospective

My goal is to secure my father, Douglas Phillips's legacy, as one of America's preeminent stained glass window designers of his time. Phillips was also the only African American stained glass window designer to have a major stained glass studio between 1952 and 1995 in the United States. His dynamic window designs both influenced and modernised the craft, being both unique and outstanding in their originality.

This powerful and dynamic movement in his glass designs is expressed through dramatic circular lines and ribbons of color that ring his subjects in glass. Son of an elocutionist and gospel singer, Douglas understood how to tell stories in glass. Also a jazz singer and guitarist, music played a central role in his life. When I look at his work, I can see the rhythms of jazz swirling in his art. 

With the support of individual sponsors, I will prepare fifty framed works of Douglas Phillips's finest drawings, watercolors, sketches, and pastels along with six glass panels for exhibition of his retrospective exhibition. 

There will be examples from each decade of his fifty year career. The Douglas Phillips Retrospective and touring exhibition will bring his work to new audiences in museums, libraries, and art centers around the United States. His story is truly an inspiring one and I look forward to sharing his work with the world.

To help support this effort, ten individual sponsors are invited to contribute a minimum of $5,500. With a starting budget of $55,000 we can get fifty of his works framed and the glass panels restored and ready for exhibition. Your support will put his long overdue retrospective on track.

In exchange for your support, sponsors will receive a limited edition portfolio of archival pigment prints representative of Phillips's most iconic works. The portfolio is limited to 15 examples.

Please pass this page along to anyone you think could be excited to support the Douglas Phillips's Retrospective touring exhibition. 

Thank you for your interest,

Elisabeth (Phillips) Sunday


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Update on Douglas Phillips Retrospective


My father's archive arrived from Cleveland a couple of months ago. There are drawings from high school, college, commercial sketches and drawings, early stained glass panels, beautiful renderings in both pencil and charcoal, watercolors, nude drawings and paintings, portraits, letters, documents--
There are about 700 drawings, watercolors and sketches at the framers for conversation, matting and framing. And there are 14 glass panels. Where to begin!?
For anyone wishing to support this project and become a sponsor- please get in touch with me. 
Thank you!
Elisabeth Sunday

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