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Fund Raising

Fundraising for Phillips Stained Glass

Funds have been provided and all the glass panels have been shipped for restoration to Azure Stained Glass Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Ben Parsons was a former employee of my father who went on to open his own studio. 

The Proposal The Offering
Sponsors are invited to make a cash contribution, either through our non-profit fiscal agent, or through a direct payment to Azure Stained Glass or the framer, SPOT Design in San Francisco.

Sponsors who would like to purchase one of my photographs (priced between $3,500 and $12,000) as a way to show their support for my father's work are invited to visit my website and make a selection.  

Sponsors can also purchase a commission of selected window designs we can scale to fit any window in your home. 
Our goal: $120,000.

Please contact me with any questions via email or phone.

Elisabeth Sunday

Recent posts

Sacred Fish

The IXOYC Fish

Christians began using the fish as a religious symbol as early as the 1st  century. The acronym comes from the Greek and is also the word for fish.

Douglas Phillips made this piece in 1957 as an example of his fluid style and technique. Some of the glass pieces are stained, but also etched and painted. He's also able to show off his somewhat abstract and dynamic line that he famously uses in most of his window designs and greatly influenced the stained glass industry.

This window is going to be restored for the retrospective. The light box needs to be rebuilt and some of the lead replaced.

Artist's Statement

Douglas Phillips Retrospective

My goal is to secure my father, Douglas Phillips's legacy, as one of America's preeminent stained glass window designers of his time. Phillips was also the only African American stained glass window designer to have a major stained glass studio between 1952 and 1995 in the United States. His dynamic window designs both influenced and modernised the craft, being both unique and outstanding in their originality.

This powerful and dynamic movement in his glass designs is expressed through dramatic circular lines and ribbons of color that ring his subjects in glass. Son of an elocutionist and gospel singer, Douglas understood how to tell stories in glass. Also a jazz singer and guitarist, music played a central role in his life. When I look at his work, I can see the rhythms of jazz swirling in his art. 
With the support of individual sponsors, I will prepare fifty framed works of Douglas Phillips's finest drawings, watercolors, sketches, and pastels along with six glass panel…

New Discoveries

I've been going over the archive this last month trying to pull out the important pieces in hopes of putting an exhibiton together. Here are some of the gems from my digging around. Of course this doesn't even begin to cover it. What to choose? There are litterly hundreds of wonderful drawings, watercolors, sketches and designs.

One of my father's last commissions.

As an artist sensitive to inclusion of all ethnic groups and races, Douglas Phillips integrated his windows with people from all different backgrounds. 

Douglas Phillips's glass was inspired. He broke from the traditional gothic themes and incoporated the engery from his facisnation with the space program, jazz, and modern art. He introduced dynamic form and sweeping ribbons of color into stained glass beginning in the mid 1950's. 

Below: Pen and ink drawings for faceted glass windows

A Treasure Trove!

Greetings Friends and Fans of Douglas Phillips Stained Glass.

Just an update to say we haven't yet received funding necessary to work on the archive.  The project to restore and curate my father's life's work has seriously stalled.

If there is anyone out there passionate about stained glass, this is a treasure trove. I have boxes and  boxes of correspondence between my father and his clients that include sketches and glass samples; preliminary sketches up to finished watercolor and ink drawings. There are some glass panels. There is early work and drawings. There are journals!

Douglas B. Phillips, (1922-1995) has yet to be recognized for his historic contribution to stained glass design. In the early 1950's he introduced a new vision into stained glass design. His sweeping dynamic lines and ribbons of color revolutionized stained glass design and brought it into a contemporary context. Because of his innovated artistic skills, (he was a student of my grandfather, renow…

Update on Douglas Phillips Retrospective


My father's archive arrived from Cleveland a couple of months ago. There are drawings from high school, college, commercial sketches and drawings, early stained glass panels, beautiful renderings in both pencil and charcoal, watercolors, nude drawings and paintings, portraits, letters, documents--
There are about 700 drawings, watercolors and sketches at the framers for conversation, matting and framing. And there are 14 glass panels. Where to begin!?
For anyone wishing to support this project and become a sponsor- please get in touch with me. 
Thank you!
Elisabeth Sunday